about us

Skylace Language School was established in 1989 by a group of young people with dedication and experience in Children Chinese Language education. We believe that the key to success of learning Chinese is through mastering of Hanyu Pinyin. Knowing Hanyu Pinyin does not only enable one to speak excellent and impeccable Mandarin, but also provides a firm foundation for linguistic development of a person.

Placing the emphasis on phonetics, our group that consists of school principal, children drama consultant, teachers, writers of children literature had developed a systematic and comprehensive Chinese language programme for children. Our programme covers a wide spectrum of courses: ranging from pinyin to word formation; from improving writing skill to school work supplementary classes. Bracing learning with games, the lessons are conducted in a lively manner and in modern and conducive setting. To-date, more than 10,000 pupils have benefited from our programme. It has helped many students improve their standard of Chinese and gives them more confidence to speak and use the language. Most importantly, the teaching methods we adopted able children to think that learning mandarin is fun and easy!

Skylace History

  • In 1989, with S$10,000 investment, we started our first batch of students in a Ballroom of a hotel. Altogether 120 students participated. We are the pioneer of language school in Singapore.

  • 3 months later, we had started our first school at the city, occupying 1200 sq.ft. Our growth had double since then. At the peak of time, we occupied a 5000 sd.ft. primises with 7 classroom. We had at peak 1800 students and 50 teachers.

  • In 1977, we started our first branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • We are registered under Ministry of Education in Singapore.

  • We are registered Franchisor of Skylace Language Centre.

Skylace's Strength

  • All the programmes are design and formulated by ourself, therefore, it is easy and fast to amend our syllabus to suit the changing needs.

  • Since our personnel are all experiences teachers, we can develop new programs, new class easily to accommodate our childrens’ need.

  • All our teachers are experience and dedicated, they understand the local childrens’ need, plus we had our own unique teaching methods, we garrantee results.

  • We had very tight control of teachers’ performance quality and always ensure our quality is the best.

  • We are able to produce new children story books, audios aids and design fun computer children language games.

  • We provide personalized services.

  • Lively, fun and creative environment.

  • Our management always studied the education system changes and do necessary amendments to our programmes.

Our Vision

  • Integrate Children bookstore, English programmes and Mandarin programmes as one entity in all Singapore outlets.

  • Expansion in Malaysia to other cities, examples Penang, Shah-Alam, Malaca, etc.

  • Expansion in China.